TDP erred in relief work; will apprise PM : YSRCP

TDP erred in relief work; will apprise PM : YSRCP - Sakshi Post

Castigating TDP for its inefficient governance in providing relief and rehabilitation to the Hudhud Cyclone affected people, YSR Congress has said that the Party delegation will meet Prime Minister Narender Modi and apprise him of the quantum of loss and the trail of destruction the calamity has left behind vis-à-vis the indifference of the State government in tackling the situation.

“The State has miserably failed in handling the relief and rehabilitation works and is only concentrating on publicity to project a false situation that all-is-well while in reality it is chaos even 18 days after the disaster. We will take all the issues, including the extent of damage and the State’s petty quantum of succour, to the Prime Minister at the earliest,” the Party leader Dharmana Prasada Rao told reporters in Hyderabad on Thursday.

While the ground reality is that of suffering, lack of proper relief, compensation and facilities, the State has been publicizing that everything is in order and people are happy which is crueler than the disaster itself. Power has not been restored in major parts of the all the three districts even now, breached roads and tanks are not repaired and there is no word on the compensation.

The roads are littered with uprooted trees and breached roads and canals; the State has to go a long way in restoration of power while a publicity campaign has been launched to project that people are very happy with the relief works.

“Chief Minister’s statement at the Collectors’ Conference that Party cadre should be given priority in carrying out the administration has shown its ugly head during the relief operations as there was discrimination in providing relief work and TDP cadre has overpowered the state administration.

Government officials have become helpless and even elected representatives of local bodies have become ineffective with TDP cadre taking over the administration and distributing and stashing relief material according to its whims and fancies. There is no accountability and no one is able to tell if the amount is drawn from the Calamity Relief Fund or from the Rs 1,000 crore relief announced by the Prime Minister,” he said.

With Chandrababu Naidu setting tone for the cadre to take over the administration, the governance has slipped into chaos and to cover up the flaw the State has launched publicity blitz. We will take up the issues to the notice of the Prime Minister soon, he said.

State Formation Day:  Taking strong objection to the TDP government announcing that it will not celebrate November 1 as the State Formation Day, he said; “the new state of Telangana was formed on June 2 which was separated from the existing state of Andhra Pradesh that was formed on November 1, 1956 on linguistic basis.

TDP Government announcing that it will not celebrate November 1 as State Formation Day is an insult to the people of the 13 districts,” he said.


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