TDP deploys police units to stop 'MahaDharna'

TDP deploys police units to stop 'MahaDharna' - Sakshi Post

TDP is deliberately stopping YSRCP from Mahadhrana fearing its grand successes. This shows the that the govt is scared about people's wrath.

The fact that TDP is playing with people's trust is being exposed by YSRCP's 'Mahadharna'. So to stop the protests earlier TDP govt. didnot allow apsrtc buses to be used in Dharna, Now the govt deployed huge number of police units in Visakhapatnam and created atmosphere resembling curfew. Vexed by TDP govt to foil people's protest, citizens questioned the need of so many police in the city.
This clearly potrays how scared TDP govt is to face people and thier questions.  

Yet, YSRCP will fight on behalf of the people. We will hold dharnas at all the district collectorates demanding complete waiver of farm and DWCRA loans.

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