TDP Attempts to Shield itself behind Ambedkar in AP Assembly

TDP Attempts to Shield itself behind Ambedkar in AP Assembly - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The architect of Indian Constitution Dr. BR Ambedkar is highly revered in the country by all sections of people and political parties irrespective of affiliations.The ruling TDP which is neck-deep in the call money sex racket on Thursday tried to use Ambedkar's name to escape the Opposition YSRCP's attack in the Assembly by disallowing its adjournment motion and proposing to take up a discussion on the preparations for the 125th birth anniversary of the father of Indian Constitution.

Sensing the trouble in advance, the BAC that met prior to the opening of the session proposed to take up Ambedkar issue in the House. Playing its cards close to the chest, YSRCP kept calm in the BAC, but pounced on the ruling party immediately after the session began. The ruling party members including the Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu and Kalva Srinivasulu tried to blame the Opposition saying it was not allowing the discussion on Ambedkar and it was shameful.

Retorting the ruling party's accusations, Jagan Mohan Reddy said the entire nation respects Ambedkar and his party is always in the forefront to pay tributes to the father of Indian Constitution. "The government is using that great man for its political advantage and to divert a serious issue in the Assembly. Ambedkar's soul will be pained at this," he said.

Jagan Mohan insisted that why did the police not even question the Penamaluru MLA Bode Prasad who was touring foreign countries along with the main accused in the scam Venigalla Srikanth. Both were traveling together when the scam was exposed, but the MLA came back leaving the culprit behind. Being a ruling party MLA, how can he help the accused escape, he questioned.

Arrest MLA Bode Prasad and MLC Buddha Venkanna: Roja

Speaking to media after the House was adjourned for the second time, MLA R. Roja said women are living under fearful circumstances ever since Chandrababu took over as Chief Minister. The fact that the government has thrown cases of Rishiteshwari and Vanajakshi into dustbin is a clear indication that Chandrababu has no concern or respect for women, she said and demanded that all the big fish including the ruling party's MLA Bode Prasad and MLC Buddha Venkanna in the call money sex racket arrest immediately to facilitate a proper investigation.

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