TDP MLA to stage ‘deadly’ protest for funds

TDP MLA to stage ‘deadly’ protest for funds - Sakshi Post

TDP MLA from Chevella K S Ratnam has decided to stage a ‘deadly’ protest against the Chief Minister for not allocating funds for any project in his constituency.

He threatened to commit suicide when the CM visits this constituency.

He told his party activists to take his body out in a procession in all parts of the constituency. Ratnam accused the CM of ignoring this constituency as it belongs to the Opposition.

SP View: One wise man of the constituency gave a bit of sane advice to the MLA saying “pay heed to D. L Ravindra Reddy’s statement in which he said “CM was allocating funds to those who are loyal to him”.  Now as a TD man do you seriously expect to get funds?

- Siva@sakshipost

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