Taxmen raid Apollo hospitals throughout country

Taxmen raid Apollo hospitals throughout country - Sakshi Post

Chennai: Officials of the Income Tax department conducted raids at various offices of the Apollo hospitals group, India’s most premium hospital and healthcare chain on Tuesday over alleged tax evasion.

According to reports, the I-T department conducted searches across 34 Apollo hospital premises across Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi among other cities over alleged tax evasion complaints against the healthcare giant. The raids began around 8am on Tuesday.

In Hyderabad, the department officially stopped financial transactions at the Apollo Hospital premises at Jubilee Hills, Secunderabad and Hyderguda, in view of the nation-wide searches on the healthcare chain, the reports said.

Apollo hospitals issued an official statement saying, “The IT department visited our hospitals today and we extended our complete cooperation to them. We have always conducted ourselves with the highest degree of diligence and would like to reassure our patients, shareholders and stakeholders that we shall uphold their trust and faith in us." 

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