Tara Reid’s Bruised Face Image Worries Fans    

“People are concerned,” wrote fans “Gosh, please tell me that’s make-up.”   - Sakshi Post

Los Angeles, Sep 15: Actress Tara Reid sparked concern for her welfare among fans as she shared an image showing her with a bruised and battered face.

The “American Pie” actress took to Instagram and posted a photograph of herself with a large bruise across her forehead. She was also seen with mascara streaks down her face, reports mirror.co.uk.

“Everyone be kind to each other. This is what bullying looks like #Worthless,” she wrote.

Fans spoke of their concern before the star clarified on Twitter that her face was covered in heavy make-up for her new role in anti-bulling movie “Worthless”.

“Please let us know you’re ok,” one fan wrote.

“You can’t post and not explain yourself. What happened,” another said.

One follower commented: “If it’s make-up, (I) think you should give a heads up ....people are concerned.”

“Gosh, please tell me that’s make-up,” another said.

The 40-year-old actress later wrote: “On my new movie #Worthless.”

“I’m so excited being back in New Jersey where I was born and raised. I’m shooting my new movie ‘Worthless’. It’s an anti-bullying movie.”


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