Tank Bund buzzing with activities

Tank Bund buzzing with activities - Sakshi Post

The very thought of wading through heavy traffic on Tank Bund road puts you off. However, for a change, commuters do not mind taking the road.

Thanks to innumerable colourful Ganesh Idols that are readying up to be immersed. The Hussain Sagar is buzzing with activities what with thousands of devotees thronging the place to get a last glimpse of their favourite God, who's known to ward off obstacles from your path.
It will be a day filled with chants of Ganapati Bappa Moriya with youngsters dancing away to glory. It's a happy feeling and there's joy everywhere. The feeling of oneness and the positive vibes that one gets during the procession is simply unbeatable.
All roads lead to Tank Bund today!

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