They dug their own graves: Sharmila

They dug their own graves: Sharmila - Sakshi Post

"One day, NTR had said that Chandrababu Naidu is one of the most corrupt persons in the world. And the same Naidu, who's other name is corruption shamelessly went to Delhi to lecture about corruption! Even when he is referring to others' corruptions, he doesn't seem to remember his own acts. What can we call Naidu—who on one side makes a secret deal with Chidambaram to remove cases against him and on the other, calls for war against corruption," asked YSRCP leader Sharmila who was addressing a public meeting as part of her padayatra Maro Praja Prasthanam at Tadepalli constituency.

Sharmila cried foul over the ruling and main opposition parties, saying that when a notice was issued in the controversial GOs case for the first time, Jagan was defendant No. 52, while other ministers' names figured from 1 to 52 defendants. However, the government did not reply to the court notices. When the noose tightened around the ministers, they are confessing that  there was no quid po quo, no irregularities have committed and land was allotted to qualified persons. There would have been no case if they had said the same to the court. They wanted to frame charges on Jagan and send him to jail. "Today, they are shivering as the noose tightens around them. And they are ready to fall in their own grave dug by them, they are out with the truth," Sharmila said.

"Congress leaders, ministers and the CBI were thrilled when Dr YSR's name was added to the FIR. And there were celebrations when Jagan was sent to jail. But now, when they are all set to fall into the pit they dug, they are confessing that the GOs are valid, there was no pressure from YSR and the GOs had been passed based on collective decision of the then cabinet. Dharmna Prasada Rao, Sabita Indra Reddy speaking to the media said: 'You are calling us tainted ministers and corrupt ministers. We are hurt by this. It's wrong to call us that way till we are proven guilty.' But the CM once said that Jagan is guilty and would be convicted with fourteen years jail. Another minister had said that Jagan must be hanged and YSR family must leave the country. Wouldn't such comments hurt us?" asked Sharmila

"When YSR was CM, Jagan never once visited the secretariat neither did he seek any favours from ministers. So why was Jagan framed in GO case and arrested? Congress and the TDP hatched conspiracies to keep Jagan in jail as they couldn't dare facing him politically. No body can stop the rising sun," reasserted the YSRCP leader.

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