Feb 20, 2021
A police officer in Peru was caught on camera kissing a female offender. Going into the details, the cop left the woman who ignored COVID 19 guidelines.
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May 12, 2020
The deadly coronavirus is creating fear among all the sections of people across the globe.
Amul Doodle - Sakshi Post
Apr 13, 2020
India’s favourite dairy brand Amul dedicated its latest doodle to the working women of the country who are currently ‘working from home’ and ‘working for home’ amid the nationwide lockdown to curb...
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Jul 19, 2019
Women are no longer regarded less competent than men on average but are still seen as less ambitious and decisive
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Mar 06, 2019
‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’- This saying holds well not only in psychological aspects but also in physical health issues.
Women, Keep Track Of Your Health - Sakshi Post
Dec 05, 2018
The lives of women have become very fast paced these days as they have to support and balance the work and life, which is not easy
In the village of Tokalapalli, West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, women are not allowed to wear nighties during the day. - Sakshi Post
Nov 11, 2018
In This West Godavari Village, Women Can’t Wear Nightwear During The Day
Oct 26, 2018
Video: When The Earth Gobbled Up Women Walking On The Street
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Oct 08, 2018
I cannot say that my life has been an ordinary one. From my childhood my parents were very particular that I go to the best school in town.
Women Can Combat Bladder Infections With Water - Sakshi Post
Oct 03, 2018
The increased consumption of fluid could also help reduce the use of antibiotics as such infections are typically treated with antibiotics, Lotan said.
Sep 28, 2018
SC Allows Women Of all Ages Entry Into Sabarimala Shrine
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Sep 28, 2018
The Supreme Court Friday allowed entry of women of all ages into the Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala in Kerala.
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Aug 28, 2018
They were brought before an Islamic court and admitted to breaking a sharia law that forbids sexual relations between women; Malaysia Islamic Court Postpones Caning Of Women For Lesbian Sex
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Aug 18, 2018
The Special Operations Team (SOT) of the Rachakonda police rescued 11 minor girls, aged under 10; Gang of 5 Women Traffickers Arrested In Yadadri
YSR Congress party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post
Aug 17, 2018
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy interacted with the local public during his mass outreach programme, Praja Sankalpa Yatra; Women Who Can’t Bribe Janma Bhoomi Committee Denied Pension: YS Jagan
Congress Women’s Wing - Sakshi Post
Aug 06, 2018
Congress party Women’s wing leaders lambasted the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leaders; TRS Must Stop Cheap Politics: Congress Women’s Wing
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu - Sakshi Post
Aug 04, 2018
Chandrababu said that special attention was being taken to improve nutrition among children and women in the Anganwadi Centres; People Of Krishna District Are Obese: Chandrababu
D  Sanjay - Sakshi Post
Aug 03, 2018
Srinivas, who had served as president of Congress’ state unit and as minister in undivided Andhra Pradesh, had joined the TRS after the formation of Telangana; Police Examine Charge By Women Students...
Prime Minister Narendra Modi - Sakshi Post
Jul 12, 2018
“Women leave behind all obstacles if and when they are given opportunities to progress,”.
Jul 11, 2018
Women Slam TDP MLA Bode Prasad
May 15, 2018
Women Teach Pervert Auto Driver A Lesson
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May 11, 2018
As of April 1, there were 15.53 million children aged under 15, a fall of 170,000 from the previous year, according to the internal affairs ministry.
Chintamaneni Prabhakar,Atchennaidu,Chandrababu,Devineni Uma And  Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy - Sakshi Post
May 05, 2018
“We will create a safe and secure environment for women. People should be scared to touch a girl. We will enforce the law firmly and take stern action.”
Supreme Court - Sakshi Post
Feb 09, 2018
The Supreme Court asked the NGO Initiative for Inclusion Foundation to give suggestions for the effective implementation of a law to curb sexual harassment of women at workplaces
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Feb 03, 2018
The recent survey on the Cancer deaths in India revealed that breast, cervical and stomach cancers are the major cause of cancer deaths among women in India.
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Feb 02, 2018
Women who consume commonly used Ibuprofen even for just two days during the first 24 weeks of their pregnancy may reduce their daughter’s number of eggs,
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Jan 30, 2018
The results indicate that menopause has a significant impact on the level and rate of functional decline in women
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Jan 27, 2018
Scientists have identified seven bacterial species whose presence in high concentrations may significantly increase the risk of HIV infection in women
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Jan 17, 2018
Sri Lanka decided to withdraw two gazette notifications which would enable women to buy alcohol and work in shops selling or manufacturing alcohol beverages
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Jan 14, 2018
Make-up artists Bhumika Bahri and Niti Luthra have listed down some techniques for women above the age of 40.
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Jan 12, 2018
There is a huge buzz throughout Saudi Arabia as the hitherto conservative Kingdom -- seen as the religious font of Islam and home to its holiest shrines -- gets ready to welcome women into its sports...
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Jan 10, 2018
Women are biologically more stronger than men and hence tend to outlive their male counterparts, finds a study challenging the per-conceived notion that the female sex is weaker.
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Jan 06, 2018
A division bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C. Hari Shankar gave the go ahead to recruitment of women in the TA
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