Vitamin D

Health Benefits Of Eating Sesame Seed Laddoo and Kite Flying During Sankranthi - Sakshi Post
Jan 10, 2020
By P Charitha Makara Sankranti is considered to be a sacred day for Indians as it marks the day when the rays of the rising Sun bring light and enlightenment for the people and the planet.
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May 31, 2019
A daily dose of sunshine, which stimulates production of Vitamin D in the body, is vital not just for the wellbeing of your bones but may also be good for your heart.
Osteoporosis  Image Source: Wikipedia - Sakshi Post
Nov 13, 2018
Scientists still struggle to point out the specific reasons as to why more women are prone to Osteoporosis, essentially a problem of bones.
Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Butter - Sakshi Post
Sep 29, 2018
The study, published in the journal Food Chemistry, found that cocoa and foods containing cocoa have significant amounts of vitamin D2.
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Jun 23, 2018
Teach children sun-safe habits from a young age and apply sunscreen on them every day
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Mar 03, 2018
A normal intake of vitamin D can reduce the risk of early death substantially in people with cardiovascular disease, a study has found.
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Jan 03, 2018
High-doses of Vitamin D can potentially reduce arterial stiffness -- a major risk factor for cardiovascular-related disease and death -- in young vitamin-deficient obese adults, researchers say.
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Jan 02, 2018
After a study by researchers in China claimed that supplements containing calcium, vitamin D or both may not protect older adults against bone fractures.
Vitamin D is known to have antibacterial actions that may help combat infection and therefore aid in wound healing of burn patients - Sakshi Post
Nov 08, 2017
The data also showed that burns patients tend to have lower levels of Vitamin D
The scientists discovered that vitamin D deficiency is necessary for metabolic syndrome - Sakshi Post
Dec 22, 2016
Metabolic syndrome affects nearly a quarter of the world’s adult population, and it is defined by a group of risk factors that put you on the road to diabetes and heart disease
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