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Jul 16, 2021
South Africa has increased the deployment of soldiers on streets to 25,000 as the country grapples with the worst unrest in recent times.
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Jun 29, 2021
The winners of the Akshaya AK-496 lottery were declared by the Kerala state lottery department. At 3 p.m., the results were announced.
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Jun 07, 2021
The groom, who was in an inebriated state till the end of the day, attempted to put a garland around the bride's mother’s neck instead of her. The video has gone viral. 
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May 20, 2021
Singapore: The Telugu Society of Singapore celebrated International Labor Day on Saturday, May 1.
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Feb 27, 2021
Nyan Cat's creator sold a rare GIF version of the meme on the cryptocurrency art platform Foundation, a website for buying and selling digital goods.
Delete Chey Bro Twitter Trend - Sakshi Post
Dec 04, 2020
Delete Chey Bro is trending on social media right now. While we scratched our heads to figure out what was happening, a little birdie told us that it all began with a post that Bunny had posted a...
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 05, 2020
There were many matrimonial ads that made headlines in the past for a variety of reasons. Some were for being very funny, some crazy and some others for their weird requirements that smacked of...
YS Jagan deeksha trends on social media - Sakshi Post
Oct 08, 2015
YS Jagan deeksha trends on social media
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