Image Credit: A file photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Twitter/@KremlinRussia_E) - Sakshi Post
Feb 25, 2022
As Russian forces are marching towards the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the United Nations Security Council will likely vote on a draft resolution condemning President Vladimir Putin’s military...
Feb 20, 2020
Idlib,Syria: In a video shared by a International news correspondent,  a Syrian man named Abdullah  is seen playing a game to distract his 4-year old Selva...
Feb 13, 2020
The video taken on February 11th shows a Syrian Arab Air Force Mi-17 helicopter shot down in the Idlib province of Syria apparently by Turkish Forces.
ISIS Head Al-Baghdadi File Photo - Sakshi Post
Oct 27, 2019
CNN reported of the development citing a senior US defence official and an informed source as saying of the incident that took place on Saturday.
The Rise For Downfall Of Democracy In Egypt - Sakshi Post
Jun 24, 2019
The one year rule of Morsi was not upto the expectations of public because of severe economic crises
Sudan Is Burning - Sakshi Post
Jun 19, 2019
The neo-Political unrest in Sudan was started on 19th December 2018 due to the economic deterioration
<em>Artwork by Michael Anderson and Sam Ben-Meir</em> - Sakshi Post
Jun 06, 2019
The phenomenon of genocide has baffled historians for many generations.
representational image - Sakshi Post
Feb 14, 2019
Police launched raids at five addresses in the Osmangazi district to round up the suspects who were all Syrian nationals
US Troops Returning Home From Syria After Defeating ISIS: Trump - Sakshi Post
Dec 23, 2018
US President Donald Trump on Saturday said American troops from Syria are coming back home after defeating the Islamic State jihadists and “local countries” like Turkey
Representational Image - Sakshi Post
Sep 18, 2018
A Russian aircraft with 14 servicemen on board went off radar near the Hmeymim Airbase in Syria , the Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement here on Tuesday.
Russia and Iran have insisted that extremist groups in Idlib must be defeated - Sakshi Post
Sep 04, 2018
Last year, they had designated Idlib as a “de-escalation” zone where violence would halt in preparation for a countrywide ceasefire.
US President Donald Trump - Sakshi Post
Aug 19, 2018
He also said that his country will withdraw its troops in Syria “very soon,” triggering speculation of the US possible retreat from Syria.
Forces loyal to the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad have dramatically intensified operations against the province, which is sandwiched against the Jordanian border - Sakshi Post
Jun 28, 2018
Eight civilians, including three minors, were killed by pro-government bombings in southern Syria
Representational Image - Sakshi Post
May 30, 2018
IS was recently defeated in southern Damascus when the Syrian army captured its latest strongholds in the Hajar al-Aswad and Yarmouk Camp.
Representational image - Sakshi Post
May 24, 2018
An air strike on Syrian army positions in eastern Syria overnight killed at least 12 pro-regime fighters
Representational Image - Sakshi Post
Apr 17, 2018
Another report, from the pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia, said that Syrian air defences had intercepted three missiles targeting Dumair military airport, north-east of here.
Pope Francis - Sakshi Post
Apr 15, 2018
Pope Francis told the faithful in St. Peter’s Square that he is “deeply disturbed” by the international community’s failure to come up with a common response to the crisis in Syria
Bombing in Syria - Sakshi Post
Apr 14, 2018
Russians have been told to be prepared for a Third World War which could be sparked off by the current crisis in Syria
Representational Image - Sakshi Post
Apr 14, 2018
The strikes on Friday night was intended to show Western resolve in the face of what the leaders of the three nations called persistent violations of international law, reports The New York Times.
US President Donald Trump - Sakshi Post
Apr 12, 2018
What was Donald Trump thinking when he warned Russia about new and ‘smart’ missiles directed at Syria
US President Donald Trump - Sakshi Post
Apr 11, 2018
US President Donald Trump on Wednesday warned Syria and Russia that he was readying missile strikes on the Middle Eastern nation in retaliation for allegedly using chemical weapons in rebel-held...
Donald Trump and Theresa May - Sakshi Post
Apr 11, 2018
Donald Trump spoke over phone with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Syria, as the possibility of US military actions against Syria was looming large.
USA President Donald Trump - Sakshi Post
Apr 10, 2018
Denouncing the suspected chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria, US President Donald Trump has promised a decision on it within 48 hours
Russia and Syria have invited a probe into the alleged chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Douma - Sakshi Post
Apr 10, 2018
Russia and Syria have invited a probe into the alleged chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Douma after US President Donald Trump threatened that there would be a “big price to pay”
The donation from China was used to purchase about 1,300 tonnes of green peas between last December and February - Sakshi Post
Apr 05, 2018
China has donated $1 million in aid to the World Food Programme (WFP) in Syria to purchase food for the war-stricken Syrians
Iran, Russia and Turkey hold Syria talks in Astana - Sakshi Post
Mar 16, 2018
Iran, Russia And Turkey Hold Syria Talks In Astana
Women sit in a garden in Damascus, Syria  - Sakshi Post
Mar 12, 2018
President Bashar al-Assad’s government has denied allegations of systematic torture, as well as allegations of widespread war crimes by government-backed forces and Syria’s security services.
Russian Plane Crash In Syria Kills 39 Servicemen - Sakshi Post
Mar 07, 2018
Russian Plane Crash In Syria Kills 39 Servicemen; A Russian military cargo has plane crashed near an air base in Syria, killing all 39 Russian servicemen on board in a blow to Russian operations in...
Feb 21, 2018
200 Persons Killed In Syrian Bomb Attack
Representational Image  - Sakshi Post
Feb 22, 2018
At least 250 civilians have been killed by shelling and air strikes in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta in the past 48 hours, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
Representational Image  - Sakshi Post
Feb 11, 2018
The Trump administration has come out in strong support of the Israeli action against Iranian targets in Syria, saying the US backs its “staunch” ally’s right to “defend” itself.
Sandeep Samra was arrested last year as she attempted to acquire a new passport. (Representational) - Sakshi Post
Jan 26, 2018
Sandeep Samra claims she wanted to help the terrorist group by working as a nurse, Birmingham Crown Court was told this week.
Her two-year-old son, whose nationality remains unclear, has been taken into the care of the state. - Sakshi Post
Jan 21, 2018
A British woman who married and gave birth under the Islamic State regime in Syria has become one of the first so-called jihadi brides to be arrested. 
An ISIS recruit from the district has been killed in Syria - Sakshi Post
Jan 19, 2018
An Islamic State (ISIS) recruit from the district has been killed in Syria
Russian strategic bombers continued to strike Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Syria on Sunday - Sakshi Post
Dec 04, 2017
Russian strategic bombers continued to strike Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Syria on Sunday
Representational image  - Sakshi Post
Nov 27, 2017
Six long-range TU-22M3 bombers on Sunday launched airstrikes on targets of the Islamic State in the province of Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria
Vladimir Putin - Sakshi Post
Nov 23, 2017
Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the breakdown of Syria has been prevented, and that a new stage has been reached for the possible transition to a political settlement in the war-torn country.
And we need to keep the movements and destiny of foreign fighters under the spotlight. - Sakshi Post
Nov 23, 2017
Alfano’s remarks came a day after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed that IS had been defeated in Syria and Iraq while warning “the remnants will continue”.
Latakia Governor Ibrahim Khudr Salem escorted the delegation to the port of Latakia, expressing gratitude for the Chinese food aid. - Sakshi Post
Nov 21, 2017
A delegation from the Chinese Embassy in Damascus on Monday visited the port of the coastal city of Latakia in northwestern Syria, where the first shipment arrived.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif - Sakshi Post
Nov 19, 2017
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif headed to Turkey for peace talks on Syria,
The deaths came amid an escalating cycle of tit-for-tat attacks between regime forces and rebels holding the enclave on the Syrian capital’s eastern outskirts - Sakshi Post
Nov 18, 2017
In a hospital in Douma, doctors and nurses were treating a continuous flow of the wounded as the sounds of crying children echoed through the facility
resolution on Thursday received 11 votes in favour and two against, with two abstent - Sakshi Post
Nov 17, 2017
The Security Council had planned to put on vote two draft resolutions, each of which would renew the mandate of the JIM, which ends on November 17
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