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Jul 18, 2020
WASHINGTON: After spending two months in orbit, NASA astronauts in SpaceX's first crewed flight who travelled to the International Space Station in May are expected to return to Earth on August 2.
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Jul 08, 2020
NASA astronaut Bob Behnken shared some of the stunning images of the 'Comet NEOWISE' or C/2020 F3. It was discovered on March 27, 2020, by the Neowise Space technology.
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May 31, 2020
In a historic first of a private space launch, a SpaceX rocket lifted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida carrying two veteran
Tesla To Lay Off 7% Full-Timers For Cost Cutting - Sakshi Post
Jan 19, 2019
Electric car maker Tesla on Friday announced it is laying off seven per cent of its full-time staffers in an attempt to reduce costs
Layoffs At SpaceX - Sakshi Post
Jan 18, 2019
As SpaceX attempts to get two expensive projects off the ground, the US-based private spaceflight company said it would lay off 10 per cent of its roughly 6,000-person workforce.
Yusaku Maezawa - Sakshi Post
Sep 18, 2018
US private space firm SpaceX has announced that the company’s first private passenger to the Moon will be Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa.
Elon Musk has announced to take his electric car maker company Tesla private - Sakshi Post
Aug 08, 2018
Elon Musk For Tesla To Go Private
  SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket   - Sakshi Post
May 23, 2018
US private space firm SpaceX launched two new Earth-observing satellites for NASA and five commercial communications satellites for Iridium on a used Falcon 9 rocket in a ride-share mission on...
SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket - Sakshi Post
May 12, 2018
The “Block 5” booster, the final substantial upgrade to SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle, was launched at 4.14 p.m. from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre
SpaceX Falcon 9 - Sakshi Post
Feb 19, 2018
Elon Musk-run SpaceX will now launch its Falcon 9 rocket carrying Starlink broadband satellites and the Paz radar-imaging satellite for Spain 
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Feb 10, 2018
Tesla Roadster, the car tied to Falcon Heavy rocket by SpaceX to be inserted into the Mars orbit, was caught zooming in space by an observatory in Arizona, US.
The mission represented the first test of the massive rocket, powered by 27 engines in three first-stage boosters that are estrapped together - Sakshi Post
Feb 07, 2018
SpaceX successfully launched the worlds most powerful rocket, a towering behemoth known as the Falcon Heavy 
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Jan 22, 2018
Space transport services company SpaceX won’t be able to test fire its three-core Falcon Heavy rocket from Kennedy Space Centre (KSC)
Manned Dragon V2 Space Taxi being unveiled in 2014 - Sakshi Post
Feb 28, 2017
SpaceX said that other people have also expressed strong interest in making such space trips
National Geographic Channel’s new series Mars aims to set new trends in television storytelling by combining real-life events and interviews with fictionalised drama. - Sakshi Post
Nov 12, 2016
Nat Geo has described its new television event as the world’s largest TED talk with the most fascinating people on Earth.
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