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Feb 04, 2022
ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi was killed during US-led Syria raid. It was the biggest US raid in the country since the 2019 operation that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
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Jan 03, 2020
Amid heightened tensions between US and Iran, top Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani was killed on Friday on the orders of US President Donald Trump in a strike on Baghdad’s international airport, the...
Pentagon to deploy 800 more troops on southern border  - Sakshi Post
Oct 26, 2018
Pentagon To Deploy 800 More Troops On Southern Border 
The US Defence Department has said airstrikes on Syria had struck all of their targets and none of the coalition’s planes - Sakshi Post
Apr 15, 2018
Pentagon spokeswoman said that Syria President Bashar al-Assad has not intercerpted the air strikes
US President Donald Trump - Sakshi Post
Feb 07, 2018
US President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to plan a grand parade this year to show “appreciation” for the armed forces, the White House has said
US Pentagon  - Sakshi Post
Jan 09, 2018
The US has conveyed “specific and concrete” steps to Pakistan that it could take to eliminate terror networks on its soil without any distinction, a Pentagon
US Defence Secretary James Mattis - Sakshi Post
Dec 04, 2017
US Defence Secretary James Mattis arrived in Pakistan on Monday for his first visit to the country since taking charge at the Pentagon.
Pentagon has withdrawn a plan to ban the use of certain cluster bombs - Sakshi Post
Dec 01, 2017
Cluster bombs contain bomblets that scatter widely and can detonate months or years later
Donald Trump - Sakshi Post
Oct 24, 2017
The president spoke in public at two events during the day.
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Jul 15, 2017
This is the third time within a year that the terror group’s Afghanistan branch has lost its leader
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Jun 11, 2017
The incident took place in Achin district and the Afghan army commando involved in the firing was also shot dead after attacking the US soldiers
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