Jay Bhanushali

 - Sakshi Post
Nov 27, 2021
All the Bigg Boss fans got a shock. This week, Jay Bhanushali, Neha Bhasin, and Vishal Kotian were evicted from Bigg Boss 15. Jay came to Twitter shortly after his elimination to thank his fans for...
Bigg Boss 15 - Sakshi Post
Oct 19, 2021
Last week there was no elimination on Bigg Boss 15. Nominations and voting took place but no one was eliminated.
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 14, 2021
Bigg Boss 15 fans are now demanding that Salman Khan question Jay Bhanushali after he and Pratik Sehajpal got into a fight once again.
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 13, 2021
Fights and arguments in Bigg Boss house are nothing new, but in Bigg Boss 15 it seems to be getting out of hand.
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 07, 2021
Age-shaming, body-shaming, and even height-shaming have become common on Bigg Boss 15.
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 06, 2021
Things are getting pretty intense in the Bigg Boss 15 house. Contestants are fighting each other and there seems to be no stop to it.
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 05, 2021
Now that Bigg Boss 15 has started, everyone is busy speculating as to how much each contestant is getting paid. The remuneration for everyone will obviously be different. It depends on the popularity...
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 28, 2021
Superstars, Monalisa, Jay Bhanushali, Smriti Khanna, Vishal Singh, Dishank Arora, Sakshi Sharma, and Varun Jain will star in Hungama Play’s upcoming original show Dhappa.
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