International Monetary Fund

Raghuram Rajan - Sakshi Post
Apr 23, 2018
Bank Of England May Hire Raghuram Rajan
India Must Get More Women Into Workforce: IMF - Sakshi Post
Apr 21, 2018
IMF said that India must focus as a priority on ensuring that more women work in the formal sector as it continues with labour reforms
The IMF reiterated that India was on its way to achieve growth rates of 7.4 per cent for 2018 and 7.8 per cent for 2019 - Sakshi Post
Apr 18, 2018
International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged India to strengthen the ability of banks to go after debtors and warned that debts negatively impact investments
Key Indian equity indices on Tuesday climbed to new highs as investor sentiments were uplifted by bullish global cues - Sakshi Post
Jan 23, 2018
Key Indian equity indices on Tuesday climbed to new highs as investor sentiments were uplifted by bullish global cues, combined with fresh inflows of foreign funds and buying support in metals,...
International Monetary Fund - Sakshi Post
Jan 16, 2018
As a trading partner to over 100 countries across the world that represent 80 per cent of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the ChineseAsuccess story is linked to the world’s growth
Representational Image  - Sakshi Post
Dec 22, 2017
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cautioned that the high volume of nonperforming assets (NPA) and the slow pace of mending corporate balance sheets are holding back investment and growth in...
India is the only country in the world where a billion people can do completely paperless, cashless transactions on their mobile phones using this infrastructure which dramatically reduces costs - Nandan Nilekani - Sakshi Post
Oct 13, 2017
The system, launched by the previous UPA government, has been “enthusiastically” supported by the current government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Taking up the case of Indian IT companies and professionals, Jaitley told Ross about the contribution of highly skilled Indians in the economic development of the United States and India. - Sakshi Post
Apr 21, 2017
America is believed to have said that US has started the process of reviewing H1B visas issues and no decision has been taken on it yet.
India growth rate for 2016-17 revised by IMF - Sakshi Post
Oct 04, 2016
IMF Revises India Growth Rate In 2016-17
The Finance Minister said that by 2050, Pakistan will become the 18th biggest economic nation across the world - Sakshi Post
Aug 02, 2016
“Pakistan will soon stop looking towards IMF for assistance”
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