Google new feature

Google - Sakshi Post
Nov 18, 2018
Google is planning to launch a new feature that will enable users to leave in search results comments that could be seen by others.
To see wait times for nearly a million sit-down restaurants around the world that allow walk-ins, just search for the restaurant on Google, open the business listing, and scroll down to the “Popular Times” section - Sakshi Post
Nov 08, 2017
The box shows the live or historical data labelled as “busy”, “usually busy”, “usually not busy”, etc., along with the wait time
Google is adding fact check tags to its news articles which will allow readers on Google news applications and websites to click on links to check facts where claims have been evaluated by fact-check organizations. - Sakshi Post
Oct 14, 2016
The new feature aims to stem the spread of fake news that may spread through social media.
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