- Sakshi Post
Jun 05, 2021
Google was chastised after a search for "ugliest language" yielded Kannada as the first result. In response, the Karnataka government announced that it will pursue legal action against the tech giant...
 - Sakshi Post
Jun 04, 2021
Following outrage over a Google search result that listed Kannada as India's "ugliest language," the Karnataka government said on Thursday that it will take legal action against the Internet giant.
 - Sakshi Post
May 25, 2021
Fake News! This has become a major global concern. In recent years, misinformation about important subjects, such as the Coronavirus, has become a major headache.
 - Sakshi Post
May 19, 2021
Apple Watch has been the best-selling smartwatch for the past few years. However, Google and Samsung may have devised a strategy to challenge Apple's dominance.
 - Sakshi Post
May 16, 2021
  Google, the world's most powerful tech giant, has stated that it would facilitate the issuance of work visas to the spouses of qualified immigrant H1B visa holders who are visiting the United...
 - Sakshi Post
May 07, 2021
Google Photos let users store photos and videos without them having to go through the burden of not having enough space in their mobile. But, Google Photos now, is ending its free unlimited backup...
 - Sakshi Post
May 05, 2021
While Yahoo was once the world's first search engine, Google has gradually gained ground. Google is on its way to becoming the world's most popular search engine.
 - Sakshi Post
Apr 14, 2021
Users of the Google phone app will also be able to record calls from unknown numbers. Previously, Google only allowed you to record calls from numbers that are saved in the contacts list, but now one...
 - Sakshi Post
Apr 12, 2021
One of the most progressive workplaces in the world, Google and parent company Alphabet have been accused of protecting those harassing employees sexually.
 - Sakshi Post
Mar 23, 2021
New Delhi: According to Google, two in five parents are not confident in talking about different tech-related topics with their kids and this includes discussions about things like screen time,...
 - Sakshi Post
Mar 23, 2021
The Telangana High Court on Monday questioned Google, Twitter and Facebook for their delay in removing obscene videos and photos of a married woman belonging to Hyderabad, who is now settled in...
Pogaru Free Download Trends On Google After Dhruva Sarja, Rashmika Movie Hits Theatres - Sakshi Post
Feb 19, 2021
Kannada movie 'Pogaru' starring Dhruva Sarja and Rashmika Mandanna hit theatres today. The film is also being released in other languages including Telugu where Pratapraju has released the movie for...
 - Sakshi Post
Jan 28, 2021
Gmail users will need to accept certain terms and conditions in order to continue using important features. Google has issued a warning to the Gmail users that if they do not accept these new rules,...
 - Sakshi Post
Jan 23, 2021
Type ‘Indian Cricket Team’ in Google search and you will be greeted with fireworks. Google is celebrating Indian cricket team’s win in the Gabba match.
 - Sakshi Post
Jan 05, 2021
Searching for every kind of information on Google can sometimes not be such a good idea, especially when you get the wrong number and you are swindled of your money within minutes.
 - Sakshi Post
Jan 02, 2021
If we have any doubt about anything, what is the first thing we will do? Without any further delay, we would google it right! In many cases, Google can be of great help in giving information...
 - Sakshi Post
Dec 13, 2020
Google revealed its annual search ranking; the keywords that gained most attention this year. The year was very unusual as obviously coronavirus related searches were at the top.
 - Sakshi Post
Dec 12, 2020
2020 is coming to an end and with this the lists are also coming out. Google revealed their Most Searched list for different categories. The Most searched films of 2020 on Google list includes all...
 - Sakshi Post
Nov 14, 2020
Google has introduced a new feature on Gmail and it allows the users to pin a particular Google Chat conversation. With this new feature, users can create a ‘room' at the top of the list.
 - Sakshi Post
Sep 18, 2020
NEW DELHI: Popular digital transactions app Paytm has been removed from Google Play Store on Friday for violation of its policy on sport betting activities.
 - Sakshi Post
Sep 14, 2020
As every day we see corona warriors putting their lives at risk, Google in a unique way thanked and appreciated their efforts.
 - Sakshi Post
Aug 20, 2020
NEW DELHI: Google’s e-mail service, Gmail, seems to be down globally, as reported by some users on social media platforms.
 - Sakshi Post
Aug 07, 2020
Google has some major plans for its flagship line. In addition to shutting down its current Pixel 4 to make way for the upcoming Pixel 5 phone.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 28, 2020
NEW DELHI: Tech giant Google said it is extending work from home (WFH) facility for its employees globally, including in India, till June 30 next year.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 19, 2020
Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai on Twitter informed that the tech giant has carried out an experiment using subsea fibre optic cables which is capable of detecting earthquakes and tsunamis...
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 15, 2020
MUMBAI: Google will pick up 7.7 per cent stake in Reliance Industries' technology venture for Rs 33,737 crore, chairman Mukesh Ambani said on Wednesday, July 15.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 13, 2020
NEW DELHI: Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Monday, July 13 announced an investment of Rs 75,000 crore or USD 10 billion in India over the next 5-7 years through 'Google for India Digitisation Fund'.
File Image - Sakshi Post
Jun 09, 2020
NEW DELHI: Google CEO Sundar Pichai had a special message for the graduating class of 2020, urging them to be open, hopeful and "impatient", and exuded confidence that they have a "chance to change...
 - Sakshi Post
May 29, 2020
NEW DELHI: Amid reports that Google was eyeing a minority stake in Vodafone Idea, the British telecom's shares on Friday zoomed nearly 30 per
Google - Sakshi Post
May 20, 2020
Google is rolling out the dark mode option for its Google mobile app with Android and iOS users providing the option to enable the feature by the end of the week.
File Image - Sakshi Post
May 19, 2020
As Zoom app had become extremely popular for video-conference calls, Google’s Meet app has also become accepted among users. It has been downloaded over 50 million times on the Play Store till May 17...
Representational Image - Sakshi Post
May 05, 2020
Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google have announced that their coronavirus tracing technology...
Screenshot: Google’s Meet Video Conference Directly From Gmail - Sakshi Post
Apr 21, 2020
Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced earlier this month that at one point 2 million new Meet users were being added a day, with 60% day-over-day growth.
Google Doodle Series - Sakshi Post
Apr 13, 2020
Google, with a series of Google Doodles, will thank all COVID-19 helpers over the next weeks. Earlier, Google released an ad thanking the real heroes around the world for combating COVID-19
Google - Sakshi Post
Mar 30, 2020
Google has decided to cancel this years April Fools prank out of respect for those fighting new coronavirus pandemic globally
Google employee at its Bengaluru office has been tested positive for coronavirus(Representational Image) - Sakshi Post
Mar 13, 2020
A Google employee at its Bengaluru office has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus and the company has told all its employees to work from home.
Representational Image - Sakshi Post
Mar 05, 2020
Google on Thursday announced plans to open its second Cloud region in India -- in Delhi next year -- and help regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services, as well as public sector...
Google Chrome Hit With Bugs, Users Losing Secondary Profiles - Sakshi Post
Dec 27, 2019
The same Tencent Blade security team disclosed the original “Magellan SQLite” vulnerabilities in December 2018.
Groups Heavily Paid By Google To Defy Climate Change - Sakshi Post
Oct 12, 2019
Google has been accused of making “substantial” donations to at least a dozen Washington-based think tanks that deny climate change and are actively campaigning against stricter climate legislation
Google likely to announce 5G version of Pixel 4 - Sakshi Post
Oct 10, 2019
Google is reportedly working on the new 5G smartphone, which the company may announce at its launch event for new products on October 15.
15 Apps On Google Play Market Found Making Adware Attempts - Sakshi Post
Oct 10, 2019
At least 15 apps on Google Play Store were found to be engaging in generating frequent, large, and intrusive ads
Google Will Require All Devices To Run Android 10 - Sakshi Post
Oct 09, 2019
The US-based search giant Google is making it compulsory for smartphone manufacturers to ship devices with Android 10 after January 31, 2020.
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