- Sakshi Post
Jul 19, 2022
Cairo: At least 22 people were killed and 33 others injured in a deadliest car crash near Egypt’s Minya province on Tuesday, officials said. There were 45 passengers in the bus when it crashed into...
 - Sakshi Post
Nov 16, 2021
Since Friday, a scorpion swarm caused by thunderstorms in Egypt's southern city of Aswan has killed three people and injured about 500 others, bringing many of them onto the streets and into people's...
Israel-Hamas Agree Upon Ceasefire Brokered by Egypt - Sakshi Post
May 21, 2021
Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas have agreed to a ceasefire, bringing to an end 11 days of bombardment after  mounting pressure from the US, Egypt and other international brokers and...
 - Sakshi Post
Apr 19, 2021
In a terrible train accident, at least 11 people were killed and 98 injured in Egypt on Sunday. The train went off the tracks near the city of Toukh, north of Cairo, said Egypt's Ministry of Health.
Jan 07, 2020
A mob is seen sexually assaulting a woman in Egypt. The woman is seen helplessly screaming in horror as the mob take advantage of the situation. People do come to help, but the proportions were a...
The Rise For Downfall Of Democracy In Egypt - Sakshi Post
Jun 24, 2019
The one year rule of Morsi was not upto the expectations of public because of severe economic crises
Egypt Facility Management Market Outlook To 2023: Ken Research - Sakshi Post
Apr 23, 2019
Egypt Facility Management Market Outlook to 2023
Meet Ancient Egypt’s Most Powerful Women In ‘Queens Of Egypt - Sakshi Post
Apr 22, 2019
A new exhibition at the National Geographic Museum endeavors to change this by highlighting the most powerful women in ancient Egypt
Egypt Remittance Market Research Report & Outlook to 2023: Ken Research - Sakshi Post
Feb 05, 2019
The report titled “Egypt Remittance Market Outlook to 2023 – By Inbound and Outbound Remittance.
Fifty Mummies Dating Back To Ptolemaic Era Found - Sakshi Post
Feb 03, 2019
Fifty mummies dating back to the Ptolemaic era (305-30 BC) have been found by Egyptian archaeologists
Egypt says archaeologists have discovered a “massive” ancient building in the town of Mit Rahina, 20 kilometres, or 12 miles, south of Cairo. - Sakshi Post
Sep 25, 2018
Archaeologists Discover A Massive Ancient Building In Egypt  
Denis Cheryshev and Artem Dzyuba furthered Russian hopes against Egypt. - Sakshi Post
Jun 20, 2018
Aleksandr Golovin and Cheryshev were at the heart of most of Russia’s best moves against the Saudis and both came close to breaking the deadlock with long-range strikes.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi - Sakshi Post
Apr 02, 2018
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been re-elected for a second term with over 97 per cent of valid votes
36 terrorists killed in army raids in Egypt - Sakshi Post
Mar 19, 2018
36 Terrorists Killed In Army Raids In Egypt
Representational Image  - Sakshi Post
Mar 04, 2018
Egyptian authorities have detained a staunchly pro-government talk show host over allegations he insulted police and disseminated false news on his state television programme.
Representational Image  - Sakshi Post
Feb 11, 2018
At least 16 militants were killed today in raids by the military in Egypt’s restive North Sinai region under a major operation started to tighten control of border districts.
Flag of Egypt - Sakshi Post
Dec 27, 2017
Egyptian authorities on Tuesday executed 15 prisoners convicted of attacks on security forces in the restive Sinai Peninsula, police officials said.
Dec 11, 2017
Inside Egypt’s Tombs Unearthed By Archaeologists
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi - Sakshi Post
Dec 11, 2017
Egyptian President invited Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas for talks in Cairo over the issue of Jerusalem
Egyptian lioness goddess Sekhmet - Sakshi Post
Dec 04, 2017
An Egyptian-European archeological mission has discovered a collection of 27 statues of ancient Egyptian lioness goddess Sekhmet
Nov 25, 2017
240 dead in attack on Mosque
The scene after post attack  - Sakshi Post
Nov 25, 2017
The military raids came several hours after a terrorist attack on Friday noon against a mosque at a small village in North Sinai that killed 270 worshippers
Road accidents are common in Egypt due to lack of highway monitoring systems, poor road maintenance and violation of traffic rules. - Sakshi Post
Oct 21, 2017
Road accidents are common in Egypt due to lack of highway monitoring systems, poor road maintenance and violation of traffic rules.
Aug 12, 2017
Major train accident in Egypt
Train accidents are common in Egypt - Sakshi Post
Aug 12, 2017
Train accidents are common in Egypt
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have broken diplomatic relations with Qatar. - Sakshi Post
Jun 05, 2017
Gulf States Cut Off Relations With Qatar Accusing It Of Backing Terrorism
Apr 10, 2017
ISIS massacre in Egypt
47 nursery school children killed in Egypt bus crash - Sakshi Post
Nov 17, 2012
47 nursery school children killed in Egypt bus crash
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