Drones Installation to Become Mandatory for Fire Fighting in High Rise Buildings - Sakshi Post
Jan 13, 2022
Rapid population growth and the emergence of megacities have led to increased building density and the proliferation of high-rise buildings in cities globally.
Telangana’s Medicine from the Sky project to deliver vaccines through drones - Sakshi Post
Sep 07, 2021
Called the Medicine From The Sky Project , the Telangana government will conduct trials for drone delivery of healthcare supplies such as vaccines, medicines, and blood from September 9.
 - Sakshi Post
Aug 31, 2021
Telangana’s ITE&C Department and Forest Department have partnered with Marut Drones, a Hyderabad base drone technology startup, to launch a drone-based afforestation project named “HARA BAHARA”.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 29, 2021
New Delhi: In the aftermath of the drone assault on the Jammu airbase, security officials have intercepted many fake calls to the military made by Pakistan's intelligence agency, ISI.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 05, 2021
After the drone attack in Jammu and Kashmir, the officials have now banned possession of any such material. You cannot have drones or any other flying object in your possession. The use of all this...
 - Sakshi Post
May 08, 2021
Hyderabad: The ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project was launched by the Hon’ble Minister K.T. Rama Rao during the Indian Economic Summit in late 2019.
Representational Image - Sakshi Post
Apr 25, 2020
Amid coronavirus lockdown, Mumbai Police deployed drones to keep an eye over Muslim localities as the holy month of Ramzan started from Saturday
Representational image - Sakshi Post
Mar 27, 2020
Our drones will spray disinfectant on areas specified by the Chhattisgarh government, usually hospital areas, government offices and buildings
Representational Image - Sakshi Post
Feb 25, 2020
The Telangana state government, had made an appeal to exempt Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) rules which prohibit the drone operators from delivering medicines.
With an aim to deliver food via drones in India, online ordering app Zomato on Wednesday announced it has acquired a Lucknow-based startup TechEagle - Sakshi Post
Dec 05, 2018
Zomato Food Deliveries Via Drones, Courtesy TechEagle
Representational image - Sakshi Post
Jun 26, 2018
Australia will buy six Triton drones to monitor its maritime bordersas part of a cooperative program with the US Navy
Amazon Drones - Sakshi Post
Feb 12, 2018
Companies like Amazon have big ideas for drones that can deliver packages right to your door and a new mapping system developed by researchers at MIT
The drones will be used for proper monitoring of the election process (Representational) - Sakshi Post
Nov 26, 2017
According to an official, 85 polling centres have been selected for web casting, while videography would be done in 95 polling booths.
Drones, para-gliders and micro-light aircraft for a month starting November 8 are banned - Sakshi Post
Nov 04, 2017
Any person contravening this order shall be punishable under section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) of the Indian Penal Code and the ban will remain in force from...
Drones For Civilian Use - Sakshi Post
Nov 03, 2017
Drones for civilian use in India
Drones for Delivery - Sakshi Post
Nov 02, 2017
E-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart will be able to make airborne delivery of products to customers in India using drones enabled by technology being developed by the country’s aviation...
The seized drone and drugs. - Sakshi Post
Aug 23, 2016
Police have intercepted two drones carrying drugs and mobile phones into a prison in north London.
With the help of IIT-Bombay, the Fortis hospital is planning to make use of drones to transport hearts from one location to another. - Sakshi Post
Aug 06, 2016
Fortis mulls use of drones for heart transplants
If Facebook’s drones become operational successfully, they’ll cover 60 per cent of the global population. - Sakshi Post
Jul 22, 2016
Facebook announces the first full-scale test flight of its Aquila solar-powered high-altitude drone
All that needed is that just wear a skull cap with electrodes wired to a computer to control drones by human brain.  - Sakshi Post
Jul 18, 2016
Human brain can direct multiple drones
Hyd police issue order banning drone use without permission - Sakshi Post
Nov 07, 2015
Hyd police issue order banning drone use without permission
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