- Sakshi Post
Feb 09, 2022
The globally popular boyband BTS is receiving backlash on social media in China after group leader RM appeared to praise a South Korean Olympian in an Instagram Story.
 - Sakshi Post
Dec 20, 2021
BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung will be turning 26 on December 30 and he is excited as ever to celebrate his birthday with everyone he loves.
 - Sakshi Post
Nov 12, 2021
BTS is the biggest boyband in the world, the most popular artist right now, but everyone has their share of misfortune.
 - Sakshi Post
Sep 15, 2021
It is known to all that BTS’ youngest member Jungkook has always considered RM as his role model. He respects the leader more than anyone. Jungkook often shares the story of how he joined Big Hit...
 - Sakshi Post
May 15, 2021
It always feels delightful when you grow up admiring something and unexpectedly get a chance to be part of it. Well, this is something that is happening with the BTS leader, RM.
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