BTS Hiatus

bts military service 2022 - Sakshi Post
Aug 04, 2022
World-famous Korean Pop boy band BTS announced a hiatus sometime back. As of now, no one knows the real reason behind their decision. However, the Bangtan Boys stated that they would like to pursue...
What Is The Real Reason Behind BTS Hiatus? - Sakshi Post
Jul 05, 2022
The announcement of K-pop super band BTS taking a break stunned all and sundry. BTS band members mentioned that they want to focus on solo projects and that's why they are not going as a group.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 01, 2022
Netflix has got into trouble after sharing a tweet comparing BTS' recently-announced hiatus to boy band One Direction's break-up.
 - Sakshi Post
Jun 19, 2022
Many BTS army is going through a phase of their life where they have to accept that they are not going to see the band again on stage or in concerts.
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