British woman

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Dec 20, 2018
British Woman Raped in Goa
Her two-year-old son, whose nationality remains unclear, has been taken into the care of the state. - Sakshi Post
Jan 21, 2018
A British woman who married and gave birth under the Islamic State regime in Syria has become one of the first so-called jihadi brides to be arrested. 
Sarah-Jane’s amusing vlogs included a plea with viewers to show her the video if she ever confessed to wanting another baby - Sakshi Post
Jan 02, 2017
Do not let me get pregnant again, said the woman
The accused has been sentenced to three months jail for sexually - Sakshi Post
Dec 15, 2016
The man attacked the 35-year-old woman when he went to deliver grocery at her home
Foreign nationals must be protected: Chiru - Sakshi Post
Mar 20, 2013
Foreign nationals must be protected: Chiru
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