BLACKPINK Jennie Does Free Nail Art For Customers at Own Salon Launch - Sakshi Post
Sep 25, 2022
There's no doubt that BLACKPINK Jennie is a sweetheart. Fans love her not only for her kind nature but also because she can easily mingle with anyone around her. 
Fan War Over BTS V-BLACKPINK Jennie Dating Rumours - Sakshi Post
Sep 22, 2022
After many fan wars between BTS ARMY and BLINKS over BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie's relationship, K-pop fans have now decided what is good for BTS V.
How BTS ARMY Played Detective and Solved V-Jennie Dating Mystery - Sakshi Post
Sep 22, 2022
BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie dating rumours are getting more intense by the day.  For a month now, a hacker who managed to get hold of Jennie’s iCloud has been posting pictures of BTS V and BLACKPINK...
A Peek Into BLACKPINK Jennie's Lavish Residence - Sakshi Post
Sep 19, 2022
BLACKPINK Jennie is the most loved member on social media. She stays quite active on social media and shares some important updates with her fans. As per the reports she has brought a luxurious...
BLACKPINK Jennie Tops September Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings - Sakshi Post
Sep 18, 2022
BLACKPINK Jennie has topped the September month Band reputation rankings released by the Korean Business Research Institute. 
BTS ARMY, BLINKS in Love With Blackpink Jennie and Taehyung Dating Pics - Sakshi Post
Sep 18, 2022
Speculation over BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V link-up hit its peak after photos of the two together went viral. The pis are being widely circulated on social media. 
HYBE Finally Reacts to Jennie-V Dating Rumours - Sakshi Post
Sep 11, 2022
Photos of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V are being circulated on social media for a long time now. 
 BLACKPINK Jennie Follows Korean Skin Care Regime To Look Flawless - Sakshi Post
Sep 10, 2022
Jennie has the most flawless skin, she looks so pretty even without makeup. Here are some skincare routines from BLACKPINK Jennie.
BLACKPINK Jennie's iCloud Hacked, News Photos With Taehyung Out - Sakshi Post
Sep 05, 2022
Is BTS V dating BLACKPINK Jennie? This has been the million-dollar question on everyone's mind over the last few days. BTS ARMY, BLINKs and music lovers are highly debating this topic on Social media...
Blinks Accuse Blackpink Lisa of Leaking BTS V Jennie Holiday Pix in  Guise of Hacker - Sakshi Post
Sep 02, 2022
The hot topic in the K-Pop industry is BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie's relationship. Other than this the very big question in everyone’s mind is who is leaking their personal pictures on social media. 
This is How Blackpink Jennie BTS Taehyung Pics Were Leaked - Sakshi Post
Sep 02, 2022
BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie's personal photos are going viral on social media now.
Its Confirmed BTS V BLACKPINK Jennie Photos Real - Sakshi Post
Sep 02, 2022
The most trending topic being talked about in the K-pop industry right now is the speculation over BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie's relationship rumours. One after the other, pictures of them together...
BTS ARMY, BLINKS Celebrate After Blackpink Jennie Spotted Hanging Out With Taehyung Backstage - Sakshi Post
Aug 25, 2022
There are rumours for a long time in the K-Pop industry, that BTS members V aka Kim Taehyung and BLACKPINK Jennie are dating.  For some time there were claims that the couple is enjoying their...
BLACKPINK Jennie will be seen in Hollywood Series The Idol - Sakshi Post
Jun 17, 2022
On June 17, a South Korean media outlet released an exclusive report, stating that BLACKPINK’s Jennie is currently in talks after having received an offer to appear in ‘The Idol’.
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