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Karimnagar: Snake Entwines Man's Legs, Bithiri Sathi's Narration Will Leave You In Splits - Sakshi Post
Aug 01, 2021
KARIMNAGAR: In a scary incident a poisonous snake entwined a man’s legs and went up his dhoti, while he tried to catch it.
 - Sakshi Post
Aug 01, 2020
HYDERABAD: Chevella Ravi Kumar, the man popularly known as Bithiri Sathi, is back to the trade he knows best.
 - Sakshi Post
Aug 01, 2020
After enticing the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with his teasers over the last few days, Bithiri Sathi aka Chevella Ravikumar is all set to tickle the funny bones on 'Saski TV' (Sakshi TV).
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 27, 2020
Chevella Ravikumar aka Bithiri Sathi impressed television audiences across both the Telugu states.
 - Sakshi Post
Jun 24, 2020
HYDERABAD: ' Ravi Kumar aka Bithiri Sathi' is making headlines once again for this piece of sensational news.
Bithiri Sathi Hails KCR In Video Song - Sakshi Post
Nov 27, 2018
With the Telangana elections barely 10 days away, the campaign activity across the State is intensifying
Bithiri Sathi and attacker Manikanta - Sakshi Post
Nov 28, 2017
Bithiri Sathi Garners Support From Journalists
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