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Feb 24, 2021
On Tuesday, Tiger Woods suffered multiple leg injuries in a road accident in California. For the third time, Tiger Woods has met with an accident.
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Sep 11, 2020
Former US President Barack Obama has shared pictures of the eerie-looking skyline in the western United States amid raging wildfires. The stunning pictures have garnered more than 3 lakh likes and...
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Aug 12, 2020
Joe Biden named Senator Kamala Haris as his vice-presidential choice on Tuesday.
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Aug 01, 2020
In connection to the Twitter account hack of several prominent personalities, a teenager from Florida has been charged with hacking Twitter Inc accounts including former President Barack Obama,...
Donald Trump and Barack Obama (File Image) - Sakshi Post
May 18, 2020
US President Donald Trump criticised Barack Obama...
Donald Trump and Barack Obama (File Image) - Sakshi Post
May 18, 2020
US President Donald Trump criticised Barack Obama...
Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Oct 25, 2018
The US Secret Service said on Wednesday that it intercepted two packages containing “potential explosive devices” addressed to US former First Lady Hillary Clinton in New York and former President...
Barack Obama was speaking at the University of Illinois - Sakshi Post
Sep 08, 2018
“They’re not doing us a service by actively promoting 90 percent of the crazy stuff that’s coming out of this White House, and then saying, ‘Don’t worry, we’re preventing the other 10 percent,’” he...
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Aug 02, 2018
$150 Million Cap On US Aid to Pakistan’’s Defence
Mahatma Gandhi &  Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Jul 18, 2018
“How should we respond? Should we see that wave of hope that we felt with Madiba’s release from prison?
Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
May 09, 2018
The former President said that the decision to pull the US out of the nuclear deal, signed with Iran, Russia, China, France the United Kingdom and Germany, was misguided
US President Donald Trump - Sakshi Post
Jan 31, 2018
US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to keep Guantánamo Bay military prison open in a major reversal of his predecessor Barack Obama’s policy.
Former US President Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Dec 27, 2017
Obama was speaking to Britain’s Prince Harry in an interview for the BBC’s Radio 4 programme. Obama warned that the Internet risked reinforcing people’s prejudices and leading to a fractured society...
Prince Harry has interviewed Barack Obama as part of Harry’s guest editorship of the BBC’s Today programme.  - Sakshi Post
Dec 19, 2017
Britain’s Prince Harry has interviewed Barack Obama for a radio programme in which the former US president shared his memories of the day he left office and his hopes for the future.
Barack Obama has the most-liked tweet of 2017 in his kitty. - Sakshi Post
Dec 06, 2017
Barack Obama has the most-liked tweet of 2017 in his kitty.
US had no evidence that Pak was aware of Osama bin Laden’s presence in its soil, Obama said. - Sakshi Post
Dec 02, 2017
Laden was killed by US Navy Seal forces in May 2011 in a surprise raid at Abbottabad, where he was found to be living discreetly with his family and close aides.
Former US President Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Dec 01, 2017
When it comes to tweeting, former US President Barack Obama has some advice for all, including the current President Donald Trump
Prime minister Narendra Modi and Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Dec 01, 2017
For a country like India where there is a Muslim population that is successful, integrated and considers itself as Indian 
Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Nov 16, 2017
The doodles are on a white 5x8 sheet of White House stationery
Trump moved ahead after taking office with an Obama administration strategy to develop, build and field new submarines armed with nuclear missiles - Sakshi Post
Nov 01, 2017
Trump moved ahead after taking office with an Obama administration strategy to develop, build and field new submarines armed with nuclear missiles
A June 2016 policy change by the Obama administration allowed transgender military personnel to serve openly and set a one-year deadline for the military to begin allowing new recruits - Sakshi Post
Oct 31, 2017
District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly overruled a presidential memo issued by Trump, which sought to reverse an Obama administration policy change
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - Sakshi Post
Oct 19, 2017
Iranian supreme leader on Wednesday warned that his country would shred its multinational nuclear deal.
Donald Trump has cancelled his predecessor Barack Obama’s “one-sided” Cuba deal that favoured a detente - Sakshi Post
Jun 17, 2017
Cuba’s government criticised the new restrictions on ties with the US that were announced by Trump, but reiterated its willingness to hold a “respectful dialogue” with Washington
Th writer David J. Garrow shares for the first time the story of the woman Sheila Miyoshi Jager, with whom Obama lived in Chicago - Sakshi Post
May 04, 2017
Obama Proposed To Another Woman Before Michelle
Indian American Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Donald Trump (right) - Sakshi Post
Apr 22, 2017
Murthy was replaced temporarily by Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams, one of the first nurses to serve as Surgeon General
Sessions asked for the federal prosecutors to resign “in order to ensure a uniform transition”, DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said in a statement - Sakshi Post
Mar 11, 2017
Obama’s era US attorneys told to resign
Donald Trump - Sakshi Post
Mar 07, 2017
Trump won’t accept FBI’s rejection of wiretapping claims
Feb 27, 2017
Bumper offer for Barack Obama
A french website reaches out for public support to convince Obama to run for French Presidential elections.  - Sakshi Post
Feb 27, 2017
French Voters Want Barack Obama As Their Next President; Petition Catches Momentum
This is the first press statement issued by the office of Barack Obama after he left the office 10 days ago - Sakshi Post
Jan 31, 2017
Obama criticises Trump over immigration policies
President Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Jan 17, 2017
Trump Can’t be Worse Than Obama: Venezuela President
Obama described the former Delaware senator as “the best vice president America’s ever had” and a “lion of American history”, during an emotional ceremony to honour the 74-year-old at the White House - Sakshi Post
Jan 13, 2017
Obama Surprises Joe Biden with Top Civilian Honour
US President Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Jan 11, 2017
Obama asks Americans to protect democracy
Obama asked them to reaffirm their faith in their own ability to “bring about the change”, ending with his signature: “Yes we can”. The 44th US President gave the farewell speech in Chicago, reflecting on his time in office - Sakshi Post
Jan 11, 2017
Obama says goodbye, rally spirits of Democrats
That rise would cost the world economy about four per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), which could lead to lost US federal revenue of roughly 340 billion to 690 billion US dollars every year, Obama said - Sakshi Post
Jan 10, 2017
Obama to Trump: Trends toward clean energy ‘irreversible’
The outgoing US president said he was waiting for a final report he has ordered into a range of Russian hacking attacks that may have swayed last month’s tight election - Sakshi Post
Dec 16, 2016
Obama warns Russia of retaliation over hacking in US elections
In a recently released interview, Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner had asked President Obama about his wife possibility of entering politics - Sakshi Post
Nov 30, 2016
Michelle Will Never Run For White House: Obama
The Presidential Medal of Freedom recognises especially meritorious contributions to the national interests of the United States, its security and its culture - Sakshi Post
Nov 23, 2016
Top US civilian honour goes to 21 artists, athletes, others
President Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Nov 21, 2016
‘Reality will force Trump to adjust his approach’
President Barack Obama - Sakshi Post
Nov 09, 2016
Obama calls Trump; invites the President-elect to White House
If elected, Trump assured a four per cent growth rate for the US. New growth numbers just released... put the average growth rate for this year at a disastrous 1.5 per cent - Sakshi Post
Oct 29, 2016
Trump cites India’s economic rise as he pledges 4% growth for US
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