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Jul 23, 2022
Geneva: The rising cases of monkeypox across various countries prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Saturday to declare the virus a global...
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May 25, 2022
The United Arab Emirates announced the first case of monkeypox in the Gulf region on Tuesday. Earlier, Israel had reported the outbreak of monkeypox.
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Mar 09, 2021
A seven-year-old boy from Hyderabad became one of the youngest people to scale the Kilimanjaro summit. Virat Chandra Telukunta of Hyderabad climbed the mountain peak and achieved this feat on March 6.
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Jan 28, 2021
This is something that will be hard to believe, yet it is true. In a shocking incident, a man died while having sex.
Somali legend Abdulkadir Mohamed Farah died due to coronavirus - Sakshi Post
Mar 26, 2020
The Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the Somali Football Federation (SFF) have announced the passing away of Somali legend Abdulkadir Mohamed Farah after suffering from coronavirus
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Feb 01, 2020
The White House has announced that the US will restrict immigration from six new countries, four of which are African countries, a controversial move that has already drawn criticism
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May 01, 2019
Bharti Airtel posted a net profit of USD 89 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2019
Jan 01, 2019
Watch How 2018 Miss Africa’s Hair Caught Fire
The tradition has been kept for 28 years till now, Wang addressed media after meeting Rwandan President Paul Kagame in Kigali on Saturday.  - Sakshi Post
Jan 14, 2018
China’s diplomatic tradition of foreign ministers visiting Africa first in the New Year indicates that Africa is always a priority in China’s diplomacy. 
vy gunfire and artillery have also been heard in northern suburbs, although the situation is unc - Sakshi Post
Nov 15, 2017
The worsening situation came after Zimbabwe’s ruling party accused the country’s army chief of “treasonable conduct” after he warned of possible military intervention.
Africa is our extended neighbourhood: Sushma Swaraj - Sakshi Post
Oct 25, 2015
Africa is our extended neighbourhood: Sushma Swaraj
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