T Survey: What if your employee doesn't allow leave of absence?

T Survey: What if your employee doesn't allow leave of absence? - Sakshi Post

Utter confusion abounds among the government employees on the Intensive Household Survey of the Telangana government across the state on August 19.

What if your company doesn't announce a holiday? This is the most common problem being encountered by the employees working in private organisations.
According to GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar, there are two options for such employees.
1) Get a letter from their employer on the official letterhead stating that his or her services are needed for emergency work during the survey period. They can give the letter and copy of his or her ID card to the other members of the family.
2) Request the enumerator to enumerate your family early before office time or after your office time. 

The survey is to be conducted from 8 am to 8 pm in all other parts of Telagnana state, while in the GHMC limits, the survey will start at 7 a.m. and continue till 7 p.m.  Forms and documents needed for T Survey

The GHMC commissioner is also the nodal officer for the survey in Hyderabad district. Since he will be on the duty tomorrow, he has given the on-duty letter to his family members so that they can present the same to enumerator on Tuesday. 

Thousands head home

The Telangana Government braced itself up for the all-important survey to pool up comprehensive information on the citizens. Life in Telangana may come to a standstill on Tuesday with the the Intensive Household Survey set to cover an estimated 84 lakh families living in Telangana, involving about four lakh Government employees, including police personnel and teachers.
Public transport buses are expected to stay off the roads and Government has already declared a holiday on Tuesday.
Trains, buses and other modes of public transport are full to the brim with people leaving for their native places to get enrolled in the survey covering a dozen districts. Significantly, Telangana natives living in cities like Mumbai, Surat have also been travelling to their home places to participate in the massive process.
Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has categorically said that the exercise is intended to ensure that benefits of Government schemes reached the targeted sections.
According to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), data is sought about the number of family members in a household, water tap connection, property tax assessment, LPG & electricity connections, bank account, Aadhaar card, caste certificate, birth certificate, disability, vehicles and land ownership.


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