TS students' JEE prospects in jeopardy

TS students' JEE prospects in jeopardy - Sakshi Post

Telangana government's little indiscretion is going to prove very costly for thousands Intermediate students of Telangana. Telangana govt. which created its own board of education, has not informed of this to the JEE. As a result, JEE didn't include Telangana Board of Intermediate in its notification and application procedure. This means that the students from Telangana have been considered students of Andhra Pradesh.  
 After the last date of applications, Telangana Government has constituted the education board, but this is not reflected in the JEE. JEE admission procedures entail a 40 per cent weightage to Intermediate examination marks. With their names enrolled as AP students, their certificates issued by the Telangana Board will not be entertained. But students can't opt for Telangana, as it is not recognised by the JEE, could mean that most applications from Telangana could stand rejected.
Though JEE gave an opportunity to correct the applications till Jan 31, 2015 , students are confused what to do. Thanks to the somnolent Telangana government, the students' JEE prospects are likely to be jeopardised. One only hopes that the government wakes up and takes corrective measures.

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