T Govt seeks to link ration cards with Aadhar

T Govt seeks to link ration cards with Aadhar - Sakshi Post

Telangana government has decided to stop issuing ration to the white card holders if they do not have the Aadhar card.

It is reported that State civil supplies department has issued orders to all district collectors in Telangana on the issue.

Telangana government is arguing that there are many cards which are bogus. It also came to a conclusion that there are more ration cards in the state than the number of families.

As per the figures of civil supplies department, there are 1.47 crore ration cards in the state. Of them, 91.94 lakh are white ration cards and 15.07 lakh are pink ration cards.

The number of Antyodaya cards issued by the union government for poor people are 41 lakhs. The difference between the number of ration cards and number of families in the state is about  22 lakhs. Telangana government is arguing that all these cards are bogus.

State government feels that an amount of Rs.500 crores could be saved if all bogus ration cards in the state are weeded out.

Adding to the woes, the government is getting the applications in large number for issuance of new ration cards. The reason for this trend is the election promises made by KCR at the time of elections. The promises include pension hike and two-bedroom house schemes for poor people in the state.

The people are applying for white ration cards as they feel they would be required to furnish white ration cards to get these benefits.

To come out of these problems, the Telangana government is thinking of depending on Aadhar card.
- Sakshipost

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