Synthetic milk maker arrested in Neredmet

Synthetic milk maker arrested in Neredmet - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Neredmet police on Sunday busted an artificial milk making unit at Neredmet in Hyderabad.

Police caught the owner adulterating the milk of well-known brands with the synthetic milk he prepared at his unit. The police operation was planned on the complaints by consumers.
The accused would extract some milk from the branded packets and inject an equal quantity of his chemical milk into the packets using a syringe. After receiving complaints from the local consumers regarding the business of synthetic milk and adulterated milk, police conducted raids on the several milk centers in Neredmet area on Sunday.

Cops also seized the equipment used for making synthetic milk and chemicals including 200 litres of artificial milk. Police registered a case against the owner of the chemical milk business and the probe is on.

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