Swine flu toll in Telangana reaches 60

Swine flu toll in Telangana reaches 60 - Sakshi Post

The number of deaths due to swine flu rose to 60 in Telangana even as 51 fresh samples were tested positive for the disease, the state government said today. 

From January 1 this year, as many as 5,240 samples were tested out of which 1,651 were found to be positive and the number of deaths because of swine flu and related complications has risen to 60, according to a bulletin on swine flu issued by the government here. 

The death toll till yesterday was 59. Yesterday, 126 samples were tested, out of which 51 were found positive for the HIN1 virus, it said.
Sufficient stock of medicines is available at all teaching district and area hospitals in the state, it said, adding there are enough testing kits for the flu, whose symptoms include high fever, sneezing, cough and body pain.

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