Summer makes chicken prices soar

Summer makes chicken prices soar - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The scorching heat wave is not only taking a toll on the people, but also on poultry industry as well. Water shortage and excessive heat have affected production in the poultry farms.

As a result, the prices of chicken have shot beyond Rs 200 per kg.
Telangana Poultry Federation leader D Sudhakar said that soaring mercury levels are forcing many poultry owners to shutdown their units. Protecting chick from heat and providing water to them has become a problem. Due to the weather conditions, mortality rate is also high.Most borewells in the poultry farms have dried up.
Telangana has over 10,000 poultry farms, which has 70 millions live broilers and layer breeds. Generally, the bird weighs around 1.5 kg to 2 kg, but due to intense heat wave now chicken weigh less than 1.5 kg.

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