Suicide note by Oracle software engineer

Suicide note by Oracle software engineer - Sakshi Post

A 23-year-old software engineer allegedly committed suicide by jumping from her Oracle office at Madhapur in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

The deceased has been identified as Ashwini Nairy from Bangalore. In her personal diary she wrote:

"I feel like dying repeatedly. This happens in a loop. If my life is all about thinking again and again about suicide and fighting it. There is no point in living it. I am going to die. I am sorry Amma, pappa and Adithi(not clearly understood). Nobody is responsible for my death."

According to reports, when Ashwini tried jumping from the gym room on the seventh floor, she was stopped by Ashabi, a sweeper present there. However, Ashwini paid no heed to her and jumped off the building.

The news of her suicide spread like a wild fire, and a crowd gathered around her body immediately.

 - Siva@Sakshipost

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