Students Observe Bandh On University Of Hyderabad Campus In Protest Against Admin 

Students stage a protest dharna on the campus - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Condemning the ban of protests on the campus by the administration, the students of the University of Hyderabad on Tuesday observed a bandh. The students accused the administration of moral policing. Questioning the language used in the circular issued recently banning all kinds of protests on the campus, students strongly objected to the use of words like ‘suspected activity’, ‘suspicious grounds’ and ‘unlawful activities’. They said it makes them look like terrorists instead of students expressing dissent.

National Students Union of India, the students arm of Congress, in a statement condemning the suspension of students on the charges of manhandling hostel warden last week, said the threatening circular was akin to creating a state of emergency on the campus. By taking a jibe at the ruling BJP government, it said, "The registrar threatened us that the security will barge into room and take photos and videos around the campus at their own discretion. This reeks of BJP government’s tactics — moral policing, intrude into people’s privacy and stalk their activities.”

The students demanded the revocation of the suspension of students and the order banning protests on the campus.

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