Stringent action against film makers demanded

Stringent action against film makers demanded - Sakshi Post

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) today demanded stringent action against the director and producer of the film “A Woman In Brahmanism” for portraying women from the community in a very poor light.

Party official spokesman Sudhish Rambhotla demanded the State Government book a non-bailable case against both the film maker and its producer. He also appealed to the Tollywood Producers Council and the Directors Association to expel such film makers, who produce movies in a very bad taste that seriously hurt the sentiments of a community, a section of people and women. 

It is a misfortune that the fine arts that are meant to uphold the dignity and decorum of women besides brining awareness among the public on various issues. These are being grossly misused, he said.

Calling as atrocious such elements who are stooping so low by resorting to cheap gimmicks to market their unsalable products, Sudhish said that the State Government should not allow them to go scot free and bring them to book so that such incidents will not recur. Booking a non-bailable case is the only solution to put an end to such malicious designs of a few film makers, he added.

- Sakshipost

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