Street boxing proves fatal, one youth drops dead

Street boxing proves fatal, one youth drops dead - Sakshi Post

A street boxing contest between youths turned fatal as one of the youths succumbed to the blows.

The incident occurred in the old city of Hyderabad and the video of the fight where the boys trade deadly blow and one of the boys drops dead on the ground has already gone viral on the social media.

Nabil of Meeralam Mandi and his friends organized a WWF-like free-for-all boxing on the streets of Old City a few days ago. Nabil was killed during the boxing. However, Nabil’s friends told Nabil’s parents that he died in a road mishap and had even helped bury him. However, Nabil’s father refused to believe the story and lodged a complaint with the police. The parents later came to know of the video and on the basis of it, approached the police once again.

The death occurred on May 3, but the video surfaced only on May 6. The police are investigating. Meanwhile , Nabil’s parents have demanded strict punishment to the killer and all those who encouraged the deadly fight.


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