Stephen Hawking’s Death Linked to Einstein, Galileo

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The world is mourning the loss of famed physicist Stephen Hawking. He was Born 300 years to the day of Galileo's death. Died 139 years to the day of Einstein's birth.

Now that there seem to be a link between these three scientists, let's take a look at the life of Galileo and Einstein.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), the great Italian scientist who was among the leading figures responsible for changing the direction of science from natural philosophy to modern science. Galileo propounded heliocentrism--the theory which held that the earth and planets revolve around the sun.All along, philosophers and scientists of the time had propagated the geocentric model which said that the earth was the universe.

Political events added to the religious and scientific opposition to Galileo's theory of heliocentrism. The Church drew heavily on Biblical references to attack Galileo and after his writings on heliocentrism were submitted to the Inquisition, he was accused of heresy. The persecution he suffered forced Galileo to recant his opinions. One of the greatest scientists of all time died on January 8, 1642 at the age of 77.

Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, propounded his celebrated theory of relativity and is one of the fathers of modern physics. His contribution to science had a lasting impact.

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