State Assembly adjourns sine die

State Assembly adjourns sine die - Sakshi Post

The State Assembly adjourned on Friday sine die after ten days since the Opposition members continued to disrupt the proceedings. The Budget session came to an end amidst a series of adjournments, protests, walkouts and suspensions.

The proceedings were adjourned thrice earlier on Friday following the protests by the members of TRS. Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy introduced the Appropriation Bill for the year 2013-14 amidst the protests of the TRS members. The House, however, approved Bill with voice vote without any debate. Speaker Nadendla Manohar made an announcement adjourning the house sine die. In the second phase of the budget session, the Speaker suspended the TRS members twice and the YSR Congress members at once. 

Pandemonium prevailed in the House on Friday following the protests by TRs members as the Speaker adjourned for 15 minutes. Despite Minister Sridhar Babu's request for a debate on the key Appropriation Bill, they continued their protest. 

Earlier in the morning, Speaker Manohar rejected the adjournment motions proposed by the opposition parties and commenced the question hour. Since the members did not heed the requests, Manohar adjourned the House twice. 

Meanwhile, CAG report which was tabled in the House on Friday observed that there was no transparency in the process of tenders and contracts. The CAG found fault with the EPP in the Jalayagnam works as only 13 per cent of rehabilitation process has been completed. It also blamed the Government over improper maintenance of records with regard to Rural Job Guarantee scheme.  However, CAG observed that migrations have come down to some extent with the scheme. 

It also maintained that 24 percent of funds have been misused due to stalling of post-metric scholarships during 2008-12.   The CAG also observed that the cost of irrigation projects has been escalated by Rs 52,116 crore due to delay in the execution of 26 projects. 

Left parties on protest

MLAS of CPI and CPIM held a sit-in demonstration at the media point in the Assembly alleging Government's failure  to conduct the House properly. 

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