Management's Negligence Costs the Life of a 'Star Kid'

Management's Negligence Costs the Life of a 'Star Kid' - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: It was a sheer act of criminal negligence on the part of the management of Star Kids play school.

Located in Revenue Board Colony under Malakpet police limits, where the four-year-old Sayeeda Zainab Fatima Jafry crushed to death in a lift on Tuesday, the management never cared for the safety of these tiny kids. The lift was moving up while the collapsible shutter was still open. Teacher Sarojini who accompanied eight children in the lift could not save Zainab as she hardly expected such an incident in a lift. But the school management knew it very well. Already parents complained about this faulty lift. The school management just ignored it. And it cost the life of a lovely 'star kid'.

The death of the child not only left her parents Aziz Hussain and Zain Fatima who reside in Saidabad, aghast, but it also threw the other seven kids who witnessed their friend crying for life for nearly 20 minutes, in a dread that may haunt them for life. Zainab's head was out when the lift moved up and it was almost cut from the neck. The lift stopped midway between two floors and child was dying a ghastly death in front of their eyes. Nothing could be done, except pulling the other children and the teacher out of the lift. As there was no help from the school staff, some outsiders rushed to the spot and opened the door using crowbars. The head of the child was about to be severed from the torso. The parents who sent her to school a few minutes back turned lifeless on seeing their dearest daughter in that ghastly state.

Police, leaders and officials, all visited the school; inquiries, protests and official procedures were conducted. The play school, being run in a residential building, has no facilities whatsoever for the children to play games, no proper safety arrangements in place. The school was seized, but there are innumerable schools in Hyderabad in worse conditions than Star Kids.

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