Star campaigner Chiranjeevi embarrasses Congress in TN

Star campaigner Chiranjeevi embarrasses Congress in TN - Sakshi Post

Political parties usually rope in celebrities, like actors, sportsperson to bring in the much needed glamour quotient during elections days. However, on Monday, Congress's star campaigner in South and  Union minister for Tourism, Chiranjeevi, brought in some comic relief as well.  

The actor-turned-politician participated in road shows at Hosur and Vepanahalli assembly constituencies. Though his speech started well, he soon forgot his facts and made major gaffes that embarrassed the already weakened Congress party. 

In his speech, he referred to Kudankulam project as water project, instead of nuclear power plant. He said that Congress had changed Hosur road to four lane road, while in reality it is actually six lane road.  

He added that during the 65-year-old rule of DMK and AIADMK, not a single project was conceived by the party. Wrong again, as both Hogenakkal and Telugu Ganga projects were brought by these two parties. 

These blatant mistakes by Chiranjeevi has the Congress surprised. Later, on seeing his part cadre laugh at his expense, the actor turned towards other leaders on the dais and asked them the reason behind the general mirth.  

He also went on to recall his shooting days in Hosur, instead of asking for the public for votes.  


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