Sridevi’s Death: 10 Unanswered Questions That Raise Suspicions of Unnatural Death

Sridevi’s Death: 10 Unanswered Questions That Raises Suspicions of Unnatural Death - Sakshi Post

It’s been three days since Bollywood actress Sridevi’s death in Dubai. We already told you that the Dubai Police has handed over the case to the Dubao Public Prosecution which is now handling the investigation and leaving no stone unturned to ascertain the actual cause of death after it emerged in the post-mortem that the actress died from drowning in the bath tub. Traces of alcohol was found in her blood. Given the outcome of the autopsy, Sridevi’s death is now being treated as an unnatural death. And the Dubai investigating agency is working to find the cause of Sridevi’s unnatural death. Now, while social media circles are considering the actress’s husband Boney Kapoor as a possible suspect in Sridevi death case, the police has ruled out any foul play. While the investigation is still underway in Dubai, there are some 10 Answered Questions with respect to Sridevi’s death which raise suspicions over her demise. Here’s a look at them.

No Scratches On Sridevi’s body

In the investigation report, it was confirmed that Sridevi's death was due to a fall in the bathtub. Then the natural question arises as to why isn’t a single scratch visible on her body?

Boney Kapoor’s Surprise Visit

After attending the Mohit Marwah wedding, Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor was in Mumbai for a day. Sridevi stayed back in Dubai along with her younger daughter, before Boney came back the next day. We hear that it was an unexpected visit and he planned to throw her a surprise. So his flying tours are now being viewed suspiciously.

Was Sridevi forced to drink alcohol?

The Police is trying to verify if Sridevi was forcibly given alcohol. Was she thrown into the bathtub after being murdered?

Amar Singh's statement affirms doubts

Amar Singh is considered a close friend of the Kapoor family. So his statements cannot be taken lightly. He is believed to have said that Sridevi never took hard drinks and that she was a light drinker. So this again leads to speculation if she was indeed force-fed alcohol.

Why was the bathtub already filled with water?

It has been found in the police investigation that the tub was filled with water even before Sridevi could enter the bathroom. She wasn’t even wearing bathing clothes. The police are trying to break clues in this perspective.

Why did Boney call his friends instead of the doctors?

Boney Kapoor was the first person to see the body of his wife Sridevi. He is believed to have called his friends, as per his own statement given to the investigators. The question is why did he choose to call friends instead of a doctor which was the need of the hour?

Immersion in the bathtub is unusual?

The police find it unusual that drowning happened in a bathtub. In the event of a heart attack, there’s a possibility for the victim to get out of the bathtub.

Why did Sridevi stay back in Dubai even after Boney left to Mumbai?

After the marriage got over, Sridevi could have returned to Mumbai with her husband. According to Boney, Sridevi wanted to spend some time with her sister Srilatha in Dubai. As per hotel records, Sridevi had not left the hotel in the last 48 hours before the accident.

Why delay in disclosure of the incident?

According to the postmortem report, Sridevi's death happened at around 9 pm. Whereas, the news was released after midnight. What was the reason for such a big delay?

Sridevi's death is mysterious?

Even though the Dubai police is being very transparent in the handling of the case, these unsolved pieces of puzzle raises doubts. We have our ears and eyes open, so watch this space for updates.

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