Which Indian Cricketer Has The Coolest, Stylish Hairdo? 

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Hyderabad: Cricketers have not only taken the hearts of their fans on field, their hairstyles too have been a talking point. Indian cricketers are widely known for their unique hairstyle.

This World Cup 2019, we have seen most of the players sporting short hair and most of them have been styled by celebrity hair-stylist Aalim Hakim. According to the Aalim, when it is World Cup, players want to don a classier look, while in IPL, they go a bit more radical.

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Virat Kohli:

When Virat walks in with his bat, the whole world matches, and we also known how well-groomed the Indian captain is. Aalim Hakim told the enteratinment website that Virat has kept his look classy for the past 2-3 years. Interistingly, Kohli had got his haircut a day before leaving for World Cup.

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Hardik Pandya:

The controversial batsmen is also known to be very particular about his hairstyles and dons a look different from the others. For the world cup, he has kept his look classy, short in the end and little dense in the middle.

Yuzvendra Chahal:

Yuzvendra Chahal is sporting a beard and it is suiting him too. This World Cup, he has got himself spiky hairstyle with a trimmed beard. He had experimented with his look before setlling down with this.

MS Dhoni:

The calm Indian wicket-keeper is a rebel when it comes to sporting different hairstyles. Post winning the 2007 T20 World Cup, MSD had a haircut and the then captain’s move garnered many eyeballs. Same was the case in 2011 World Cup, when Dhoni’s zero cuts made more headlines.

This World Cup he is seen sporting an Army cut look and looks poised as ever.

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