Roger Federer’s Forward Defence On Wimbledon Court

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer - Sakshi Post

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer pulled off a class act during his round of 16 match at Wimbledon. Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar was known to the world for his accuracy with master strokes and textbook technique in his batting. But, he does finally seem to have competition from Federer, who chose to display his cricketing skills on the tennis court on Monday.

In a match that saw him defeat Adrian Manarinno in three sets, the 20-time grand slam winner punched the ball for a forward defence in response to an over-hit serve, grabbing attention of cricket fans. Wimbledon organizers were quick to react to the act.

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In a tweet that mentioned the International Cricket Council (ICC), Wimbledon asked for response on Federer's stroke. The tweet read, "Ratings for @rogerfederer's forward defence, @ICC?#Wimbledon."

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