Spend-thrift AP govt puts up hundis for small donations

Spend-thrift AP govt puts up hundis for small donations - Sakshi Post

Next time when you visit Secretariat, you will be welcomed with a newly set up 'Hundi' (Donation box). Of course, this is only for the visitors of Andhra Pradesh Secretariat. 

The Andhra Pradesh government has put up a Hundi in the AP secretariat to collect the donations for the formation of new capital. The letters on the hundi read that ‘donations for new capital development fund’. The idea behind placing hundi at the 'L'- block is to collect funds from the hundreds of people who will visit this block everyday which houses the offices of Andhra CM, CS and other higher officials. Two more hundis have been made specially to put up at the Lake View guest house. 

This has become a topic of discussion among the secretariat employees. When the government is raising money through donations from the general public why did it waste the public money for the swearing-in ceremony and Vastu corrections when the state is in the financial doldrums, they ask. 

They even ask why the MLAs should be imparted training in swank five star hotel, when that can be easily done in Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resource and Training Centre. 


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