Speech was all half truths and lies: Ummareddy Venkateshwarlu

Speech was all half truths and lies: Ummareddy Venkateshwarlu - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The YSRCP senior MLA, Ummareddy Venkateshwarlu on Saturday stated that though they thank the Governor for his speech in the Assembly, he alleged that the speech however contained a lot of half truths and lies in it. The Governor’s speech that spoke about the progress of the state was not reflective of reality he added.

To further emphasize his point, the MLA pointed out to the recent cabinet meeting where Chandrababu had stated that though he was aiming for a double digit growth indicator in development, he has seen it in revealed only in corruption. So to say in the speech that corruption has been totally eradicated is but killing the conscience, he said

The MLA also questioned the stated growth rate of 10.99 percent for the state and wanted to know how this was higher than the national growth rate of 7.31 percent. When the government complains that it does not have funds to pay salaries to the employees on one side and then claims that its growth rate is higher than the national growth rate, is this not an exercise in deceiving the public, he questioned.

Ummareddy also questioned why the government has not declared by how much the investment in Agriculture had reduced. He alleged that the government was mum about the details of the area under cultivation, which has decreased and the hike in prices of essential commodities.

The MLA also challenged that the government would only give 1 lakh towards house construction and seek to provide the rest only as a loan. How is it that 4 lakh people from Ananthapur were forced to migrate when the government claims that there was no drought in the state, he lamblasted. He also pulled up the government for not speaking out on loan waivers.


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