Speculations over KCR, KK meeting

Speculations over KCR, KK meeting - Sakshi Post

TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday surprised one and all when he appeared at the residence of K Kesava Rao, senior Congress leader in Hyderabad.

Their meeting attained significance following speculations over Congress MP Manda Jagannadham joining TRS. Incidentally, Manda Jagannadham was also present at the KK’s residence. Manda Jagannadham, Congress MP from Nagarkurnool in Mahboobnagar district, called on KCR on Saturday evening giving a room for speculations of shifting loyalties. However, the MP condemned the news saying the meeting was a formal and no significance. Talking to media, Manda commented that two more MPs were ready to jump the wall if Congress party did not announce Telangana state. 

What transpired between the KCR and KK in the presence of Manda was anybody’s guess that time was not rife for changing parties when there was no atmosphere in favour of Telangana in the State as well as at the Centre. KCR seems to be not ready to welcome migrations especially from Congress at this juncture as it may not influence in any way the Congress high command as poll fever is slowly gripping the parties.  KCR is also on the opinion that Manda is a man of many minds as he resigned to TDP and joined Congress for MP seat. Admitting him into TRS, there would not be any immediate benefit. KCR and KK are likely to make a sketch to exert pressure on the Congress high command using changing of party by T MPs as a triumph.  So that it can force Congress party  to take a decision  over T issue before the next general elections. 





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