Sorry! no place for Congress in AP assembly

Sorry! no place for Congress in AP assembly - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad, After a grueling one-and-half months of high strung election campaigning and voting, the much awaited results were finally out on Friday.

In Andhra Pradesh, TDP will form the government while YSRCP will play the role of a capable and strong opposition. When the first assembly after state formation will convene, only three parties will be represented, YSRCP, TDP and BJP.  But what about the Congress?

Not only did it fare miserably in the centre, barely managing to keep its head above the water by winning 47 seats, it was also ousted from one of its traditional bastions, Andhra. They lost the elections so badly that none of their MLAs could make it to assembly.

Their decision to bifurcate the state, taken unilaterally, without opting for a more people friendly idea,as suggested by YS Jagan, of going for a referendum, cost it dearly in Andhra Pradesh. 

Even bigwigs like Botsa Satyanarayana, Raghuveera, other Union ministers failed to swing votes in their favour. Speculations are rife that these leaders may quit the sinking Congress ship and join some other party in coming days. 

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