'Sister' Kavitha attacks Pawan

'Sister' Kavitha attacks Pawan - Sakshi Post

Telangana Jagruti president and TRS chief KCR's daughter Kavitha once again came down heavily on Jana Sena party founder, Pawan Kalyan. 

Speaking to reporters Kavitha ridiculed Pawan's party saying, " Before elections it is makeup, after elections it will be pack up."

She added that Pawan was giving speeches by keeping Gaddar on his left side and Narendra Modi on right side. 

He would not have announced the launch of the party in star hotel if he was aware of people's problems, she said. She also said that Pawan Kalyan's entry in politics is like the entry of comedian Brahmanandam in a serious film.

It may be recalled that Kavita lambasted Pawan before he announced his new  party. She demanded that Pawan must first tender unconditional apology to Telangana people before floating a new party.

Replying to Kavitha's statements, Pawan quipped, "Kavitha is like my own sister. But she must first explain what she has done with the funds, contributions and accounts of the NGO she runs."


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