Siddhanti Kidnapped in Nidadavolu

Police talking to Surya Kumari, wife of Siddanthi Veerabhadra Rao (inset) - Sakshi Post

Nidadavolu: Renowned Siddhanti Prakki Veerabadhra Rao, residing in Kasirevu here was kidnapped by few unidentified man yesterday from his residence in early morning. It is learnt four people claiming to be from intelligence department in Vijayawada came to his house, which is just few meters away from the police station, and told him that he should come with them for an urgent work.

Veerabhadra Rao, who was about to take bath said that he will finish his daily routine including pooja and come. But the unidentified people insisted that he should come with them immediately. They also took his cell phone and switched it off. They told his wife Surya Kumari that we would be dropped back in the evening. It is said the kidnappers came in a SUV and took him also in the same vehicle.

Veerabhadra Rao, retired six months ago from a railway job. He had into astrology and fortune telling. In fact he was very popular and people trusted him. His clientele includes politicians, top-notch government officials and even judges.

After not returning for a very long time and his phone being switched off, his wife approached the police. The police swung into action, registered a kidnap case and are checking the CCTV footage at various important junctions in the town and trying to identified the vehicular movements. They are investigating the case.

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